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How to play Victory Spark!

The game focuses in a few key elements , your Ring slot ( Attacker ) , Retirement Yard ( Damage ) , Energy Yard ( Payments to call out different level cards ) , Bench ( Support ) , Waiting Room ( mainly used to put cards that were removed from field by ability , user or opponent ) , Partner Blocks and Attacks

Gameplay Rotation
1- Stand Phase
2- Draw Phase
3- Energy Phase
4- Character Phase ( you may place a card into the newly  introduced Suprise Slot)
5- Ability Phase
6- Attack Phase
7- End Phase.

Winning Objective for the Game
The primary objective and winning condition of VS is to get your opponent's Retire yard to 10 cards. To do this, you pit your cards against his/her cards in a Ring battle, and defeating them will send the cards to the owner's Retire.

However, if at any point your Deck reaches 0, you immediately loses the match.
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Knowing Your Cards
In Victory Spark TCG, you will be dealing strictly with just Character cards. Hence, the Character card is the only type of card that you will need to know for this game. ( With a maximum of 50 cards per deck )

(1.) Name 名前 - The name of the card
(3.) Title 称号 - The card's unique title

(2.) Level レベル - The printed level of the card.
- To play this card from Hand to Ring/Bench, or moving from Ring to Bench, you will need to pay the cost equal to the number indicated as Level.
- The cost of payment is by setting the required number of Energy to [Rest] position.

(4.) Gender 性別 - Males are indicated with a Spade and Females with a Heart

(5.) Partner Name パートナーの名前 - The name of the partner.
(6.) Partner Title パートナーの称号 - The title of the partner.
(7.) Partner Gender パートナーの性別

(8.) Series Name 作品名 - The name of the series/work that the card originates from.

(9.) Attack Power 攻撃力
(10.) Defense Power 防御力

(11.) Ability Name 技名
(12.) Ability Effect 技効果
- Abilities are categorize between 3 types: Startup , Auto , or Continuous/Permanent .
(13.) Ability Trait 技属性

(14.) Rarity - Indicated by small "orb(s)". The rarer the card is, the more number of orbs it will have.
- Common (C) = 1 red orb
- Uncommon (U) = 2 red orbs
- Rare (R) = 3 red orbs
- Double Rare (RR) = 4 red orbs
- Super/Special Parallel (SP) = 2 blue orbs
- Super/Special/Signed Rare (SR) = 1 purple orb

Promotional cards, given out in official events or collected from various related goods, do not possess any orb. They are simply marked with P, or (PR) on this site.
Limited Icons
As of July 2011 onwards, the following Limited Icon rulings will take effect in Victory Spark:

- Only up to a maximum of 4 Fire icons can be played in a single deck
- Only up to a maximum of 4 Heal icons can be played in a single deck
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Majority of the ability for the Fire Icon cards
- Choose the number of cards in your opponent's Field, that is equal to the number of "X" in your Retire yard, and send them to your opponent's Waiting Room.
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Heal Icons ability ( it could either be the character itself , traits or series title )
- If your opponent's Retirement yard is less than the total number of "X" cards in your Retire yard, select 1 card in your Retirement Yard and place it to your Waiting Room.

Playing the Game

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Each turn follows the same sequence:

Stand Phase > Draw Phase > Energy Phase > Character Phase > Ability Phase > Attack Phase >
End Phase .

- Stand Phase
Self Explanatory , basically just stand all of your bench and energy cards

- Draw Phase
Self Explanatory

- Energy Phase
Place a card from your hand phase down without showing the image of the card to your opponent . Each card in your energy represents your level , 1 card that was rest/tapped will be considered as 1 level .

- Character Phase
You may proceed by resting/tapping the amount of energy cards for the amount of level from your ring and place it on the bench. Once placed , take the top card from your deck and place it into the ring Face Up , showing the image of the card to your opponent .
- You may also use your hand cards as well when you have rest the proper energy cards to call the specific card as well to anywhere on the field ( basically its your choice if you wanna place it on the ring or the bench slot respectively ).

- Ability Phase
This is where your bench card ability comes to play . In Victory Spark , there will be 3 main effects , which is [Auto] 【自】, [Startup] 【起】 and [Continuous/Permanent] 【永】 respectively.

[Auto] - effects activate automatically when their conditions are fulfilled. Simple requirements are SPARK types.
[Continuous] - effects are always in play, as long as their conditions are met.
[STARTUP] - effects have to be manually triggered by the player.
Majority of this kind can only be activated within your Ability Phase. Except the CANCEL icon type, which I will touch upon later.

- Attack Phase
Your bench card will be your main damage dealer . For example , if your ring card has the total of 3000 damage . 1 bench card represents that damage , 2 cards represents the double amount of the damage respectively ( 6000 ) while 3 cards triple the amount of damage ( 9000 ) . If you have your ring cards specific partner on the bench , it will be used as a partner attack .

- Partner attacks mainly means its a one shot kill , it cannot be blocked/Nullified or cancelled. Unless its stated in the ability on a card.

When all steps were made , your turn will be ended

Partner Attacking & Blocking

Partner Attacking
Partner attacks mainly means its a one shot kill , it cannot be blocked/Nullified or cancelled. Unless its stated in the ability on a card.
A partner attack is any attack that is made using "The Partner" listed on the Ring Card.

Partner Blocking
Lets say your on the receiving end , your opponent manages to overpower your ring ( 6000 againts a 5500 defense card ). If you have your ring card's partner in your hand . You may show it to your opponent then put it into your waiting area, It will completely nullify half of the damage respectively .

- Each partner block usually blocks/null one cards specific damage, lets say if your opponent rest 2 bench cards and have a total 3000, it will be added to 6000 respectively . When your partner card is revealed by your choice to your opponent , one rest card will be completely nullified . Which renders your opponents damage back to 3000 instead of the original 6000 damage forcing him to either tap his 3rd card or end the turn .

Side note : You are not restricted to do any number of partner blocks.

One LAST note: Remember what we just said about not being able to CANCEL a Partner Attack? That means that even if you try to use a Partner Block, you Ring Character WILL still go to the retire yard. All you will do is waste your partner card.

English Rules and Downloads

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